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How we came to be and our mission...

We’d like to share with you how this rescue was born … way back in the day early 1970’s (yeah back in the 1900 era : ) I (Kay) had my first pony when I was 8 yro her name was Ginger, she was a black Shetland pony, I loved her from the first moment I seen her! I rode her all the time I could even go in the pasture and ride her back to the barn without any tack. She was the sweetest, she won my heart with equines!! When I outgrew Ginger I gave her to another farm that had small grandchildren who loved and cared for her. Though my family was not financially able to support me owning another horse I didn’t let that keep me from them, it didn’t matter to me whether I truly owned one, just being around them was all that mattered to me! I would work at the barn after school every day and find a ride to the barn on Saturday & Sundays cleaning stalls and water troughs, grooming, riding just hanging out with other people’s horses. The barn owner had several horses and trained me to show western, I rode in parades, won lots of ribbons and trophies in local horse shows and played around with barrel racing. One of my favorite things 

was pony cart racing, one day being young and fearless I slid around a dirt road curve way too fast and wrecked (pony and cart was fine) me not so much, a broken tail bone … that was a miserable, long recovery, still have pains today!

Back then I dreamed of owning a horse rescue, I seen a lot of mistreated, neglected and unwanted horses and for some reason those were the ones I bonded with and that seed or dream never left my heart. When I was 15 I still was very much involved with horses but one day I met Michael and like Ginger that first time I laid eyes on him … I knew I was gonna marry that boy one day …. BAM 40+ years later here we are with Penderosa Rescue & Sanctuary, a gift from God the only reason we are here enjoying this dream today.

Let us tell you about our blessed and loved rescue family members: Max & Star a pair of wild BLM mustangs our first rescues in 2016, then came Chex summer of 2017 a professional reining quarter horse that had to leave the professional circuit when he contracted a neurological disease called equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM). In the fall of 2017 here’s comes Buck a 30yro appaloosa he’s a local Pender County boy. Though none of our current equines are rideable, our plans are for a trainer to evaluate and work with them individually. They all are our babies, along with Wilkie, a baby Hereford Bull and kitties Bella, Colby, SusieQ and recently rescued Peaches and her four babies. Though Bucky our boxer isn’t a rescue he is the BOSS of this farm, Michael and I just pay the bills – LOL.

As you can imagine the cost of running this rescue farm is huge, but we know God would have never planted that seed in my heart way back in the day if he didn’t already have the plan to see that seed grow and you are a part of his plan or you wouldn’t be here. If you are able to help in any way, please know your donation it’s very much appreciated!

Penderosa Rescue & Sanctuary is dedicated in providing a nurturing and healing environment for abused, neglected and unwanted horses of all breeds. Our goal is to provide them with a safe haven for time to heal and to regain a trusting relationship; while being provided with rehabilitative and compassionate care until such time a loving permanent home becomes available. Penderosa Rescue & Sanctuary will provide a life long sanctuary to those equines unable to find permanent homes, where they can live out the remainder of their lives with dignity and peace at a loving and caring facility.

Kay Reece


Micheal Reece


Micheal Reece


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